August 28, 2007


"Picture of the Artist, Sleeping"

Please Support this Cause

This site is developed by the friends and family of Maui Kinikini, who is currently being held captive at the O.C.C.C. (Oahu Community Correctional Facility). As many of you know, the system is slow and justice hard to find for those who do not have financing and money to hire an attorney.

We are handing out poetry written by Maui and asking for any fiscal donations in any form.

We are also open to bartering for local Hawai'i-based lawyers who may be interested in having payment in the form of 1. a tattoo, 2. a tile mosaic floor, 3. painting of any kind...etc.etc.etc. Maui would be able to do a job of this type for any attorney willing to trade labor.

This is a great opportunity to assist a local North Shore Artist gain control of their destiny and to help speak to the System that rewards the RICH while ignoring--or worse yet, sucking the blood of the Poor, Downtrodden and Outcast.

MAHALO Brothers and Sisters for your time, aloha and support! May the creator of the universe and all that is good bless you!!!

Please feel free to post or ask questions, CONTACT PHONE NUMBER: (808) 397-8803.