November 16, 2008

Niu Oil

Guess what, I've learned that other oil industries conducted a large campaign against the lovely coconut oil...Read more on the websites I've been looking at:

"Refined coconut oil is freshly extracted from the meat of the coconut and then refined. It is used extensively as a frying oil in some regions. In addition, coconut oil is also used as a spray oil for crackers and biscuits and as a creaming fat in biscuits. In the ice cream industry, coconut oil is an excellent ice cream couverture fat. The oil is also suitable for soap making."

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Going Green

The realities of climate change are starting to bite. If designing sustainable houses is essentially about minimising their impact on the environment, it is equally important to make them resilient to the physical effects of climate change. Designing sustainable houses naturally takes future-proofing into account while being concerned with the

- use of renewable, locally manufactured materials with a low embodied energy content
- creation of a healthy indoor living environment
- small-scale generation and efficient use of renewable energy
- sensible management of rain- and drinking water and
- minimization of waste in the construction and the running of houses.
The benefits of a sustainable house are manifold. They range from huge cost-savings over its life-time, via the wellbeing of its users to the positive effects on the environment and the global climate.