September 10, 2007

Tile Mosaic Floor in Sunset Beach, HI

Hi, this is Maui's most recent artistic rendering---notice the mermaid, is she not a beauty! Also in the black floor is a stingray, amongst other sea creatures and motifs....

September 6, 2007

4-eyed Coconut, Taula and Email Response from Hawaii Parole (Max, Colin's superior)

Above is a RARE FOUR-EYED COCONUT, over ten years old. Our hanai brother Tu (of the Lao Family), has had this coconut for over ten years! What a rarity! What do you think, should we try auction it at ebay and see who wants a piece of divine mysticism?

Max at Hawaii Parole sent an email stating that Hawaii closed Maui's case once he departed to Utah. However, all parties wer aware and agreed and knew that the return fare had to be paid--in full, which he was scheduled to leave Utah in May. He left a few weeks early, in March.

TAULA-means 'anchor', it was the name of Tongan spiritual traditions.

September 5, 2007

The basics-what we have found out from a lawyer who is also Maui's brother in Utah

The picture above, taken by myself, at a Katchafire concert in Kahuku on Labor Day 2007. The concert eclipses this issue and makes me think about artists and society. See my other School Project blogspot for a concert review:

Info obtained from Aaron M. Kinikini, esq. and brother of the condemned. The condemned has severely limited constitutional rights as a convicted felon.
Argument could be made that Hawai'i has the high priority interest to the body of the condemned based on his new (7/07) alocohol-related traffic violations/charges--are his multiple charges amounting to felonies?). His Hawai'i based family could support and lobby for his being kept in the Hawai'i criminal justice system.

September 1, 2007

The Story as its coming out, issue 1

Maui had an inter-state parole compact between Utah and Hawai'i. He was granted permission to travel to Utah on a "travel pass" and was given the name of a A.P.&P (adult probation and parole) officer to contact. Upon arriving, he contacted the officer, and left a phone message. No response from the A.P.& P. person was recieved, despite repeated and consistent weekly calls and even a bodily (in-person) visit to the office for check in. Several months passed, and the situation Maui was living in with his family deteriorated, and the family decided to dissolve its living arrangement---in other words, Maui was no longer able to live with the family in Utah. That left him the option of returning to Hawai'i. He changed the return ticket and moved up the date, and again left a message for the Utah A.P.& P. person assigned to him (Jay Link) by the Hawai'i parole officer (Colin).

It seems that right after he left Utah to return to his original parole arrangement after utilizing the "travel pass", and to try to regain his life's balance, that suddenly the Utah system put out a warrant for parole violation for having shortened his travel pass stay in Utah and leaving without written permission of the inter-state parole situation---however, after repeated attempts to get the Utah A.P.&P.'s response, but to no avail, he simply left another phone message to Jay Link, who of course, as before, never responded.

So the main issues are:
1-Prior to the travel pass visit, Maui was doing well under his Hawai'i parole arrangements, with no further offenses.
2-the travel pass visit deteriorated and because he did not want to live homeless in Utah, he returned to his Hawai'i family
3-the aftereffects of the disiintigration of his family relationship in utah, carried over to cause an upset in his life reflected in two DUI charges in July.
4-Now Utah issues a warrant for his extradition to face parole violation charges---when in fact, it was a lack in the AP&P's communication system that is most at fault
5-Maui's current support system resides and lives (and has lived) in Hawai'i.

Therefore, it is incumbent that Maui serve whatever DUI charges here in Hawai'i and have all his parole violation issues taken care of here in Hawai'i, where he will receive the support necessary to heal.

Plus he has a job as an ARTIST and a FARMER to occupy his time. We need him to help out here please.