December 12, 2010

December Sunset

I've always been more of a beach bunny than a snow bunny.  As the holiday season comes around, I try to remember the physical sensations of a cold wintry, snowy December in a place like.... northern Utah, where much of my family lives.  Its been so long since I've been in snow.  Auckland, while not snowy, was much worse: a bitter cold that was wet and chilled the bones.  Now, that was cold.  But Utah?  Hmm, I remember a dry cold, which wasn't so bad when compared to Auckland's wretched winter climate.  Oh, I remember the push of cold - the pushing feeling of needing to get out of the cold asap and into the warm car or building.  That drive that comes from cold.  And then the lovely wonderful comfort of entering a warm house, peeling off layers of parka, turtle neck sweaters, and long johns to relax in a hot shower, then into some flannel pajamas and downing hot chocolate in front of an electric wall heater.

Well, no such doing here. Here in the southern hemisphere, December here is right smack dab in the middle of Summer, which is now fully in effect.
Our front yard

Summer brings us radiant sunsets, along with the heat and humidity that characterize the subtropics.    Summer is so hot that around 3 in the afternoon, I must take a swim to cool down.  The water is so warm on top.  It gets cooler the deeper down I go and I love the feeling of skimming the top few inches and then taking a kingfisher dive down to the soft, sandy floor.

Wishing you were here!
These photos belong on a postcard. They were taken just last week from our front your heart out snow bunnies ;)