December 29, 2010

Christmas Photos from the Motuha Homestead

THIS MORNING, Salesi left for Vava'u - the island group just north of Ha'apai.  He's meeting his mother's sister who lives there, and picking up a box that his mom put together for us for Christmas!  A box is like mana from heaven.  I think he requested candy, but I requested coffee and peanut butter - I couldn't help it, my vices run deep.  Not sure what else will turn up in Santa's ole tin can, but I can't wait.

In other news, here's a photo Mayone requested I post, as she is missing her best friend and eternal mate.  In this photo, he's on his way to a Makamaile Meeting dressed in the formal attire of a Tongan gentleman farmer, ta'ovala wrapped and walking staff in hand: 

The wharf is in the back to the left, and this big tree he's standing in front gives the most luscious shade known to man. 
In case you missed it, our tree worship this year was a piece of driftwood dressed with solar twinkle lights, and little pieces of red and blue cellophane.  Check the bike reflector as the top star, really only shines when high flash is on it.  =)

A big deal for us: PIZZA for Christmas Eve Supper

Me and a big green watermelon, courtesy of our very kind town neighbors.  It was so heavy Vaiokema couldn't carry it home.  Salesi rode the bike back to town to pick it up.  A load well-received

Needs no explanation: One of God's finest creations, the Pineapple.

 Christmass Portrait Salesi