December 13, 2010

Lady Passion, from the Virgin Islands

It never ceases to amaze me how islands just groove to that reggae rhythm, as if that reggae rhythm were some kind of organism that emerged out of the salty sea back when the salty sea was the primordial soup giving birth to the first creatures of this world.  Case in point: Lady Passion, who hails from the Virgin Islands, a reggae songstress who oozes the Oceanic vibrations.  I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to "tweet" my way around cyberspace, and listening to Lady Passion, and the breeze is coming through my window, and suddenly I'm transported to another level where only music exists and Lady Passions' voice has just taken command of the air, the light, the dust particles, everything.  Reggae will always be my favorite music, for its rhythm that drops and exaggerates and displaces that four-four syncopation and lifts up those unexpected moments.  Reggae will always sooth my soul and put my mind at ease, no matter what situation I'm in.  Its no wonder at all that passion for reggae is felt all throughout the Pacific.  So here's to Lady Passion, who carries on the reggae tradition of female vocalist, combining smooth and sultry vocals with an earth-laced lyricism.  Listen and enjoy, for she's transmitting Oceanic vibrations to you, wherever you are through the power of music - and modern technology.

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