September 5, 2007

The basics-what we have found out from a lawyer who is also Maui's brother in Utah

The picture above, taken by myself, at a Katchafire concert in Kahuku on Labor Day 2007. The concert eclipses this issue and makes me think about artists and society. See my other School Project blogspot for a concert review:

Info obtained from Aaron M. Kinikini, esq. and brother of the condemned. The condemned has severely limited constitutional rights as a convicted felon.
Argument could be made that Hawai'i has the high priority interest to the body of the condemned based on his new (7/07) alocohol-related traffic violations/charges--are his multiple charges amounting to felonies?). His Hawai'i based family could support and lobby for his being kept in the Hawai'i criminal justice system.

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