June 18, 2008

Freedom Sings

I can't believe it 28 views! Wow thanks everyone for tuning in...great to have you on board.

Anyways, ummmmmm, good news, after being extradited to Utah from O.C.C.C., Maui Lono was held captive in Utah State Prison, actually serving time with his younger brother...Vai, who is being released soon! Anyways, Maui got released on February 19, 2008. Although his initial wish was to be paroled again to Hawai'i to continue his farming and artistic work begun in August of 2007, despite that, he has remained in Salt Lake City, working a bit for his father on a remodeling project and it has not been determined when he will return to Hau'ula and the farm. Of course Maui's hands are in demand, and in addition to homebuilding he has also continued to serve as a tattoo artist during his time locked up (tufunga tatatau in polynesian traditions, particularly Tongan) and it is prayed that he still return to the farm to complete his parole and continue to build upon what those who worked on the farm in the meantime have accomplished. (unfortunately we heard that a band of drunken tongans had taken over the farm, some disobedient infidels or so it seems, who often had friction with the Laos brothers..). Gladly we now we hear that the farm is being "cleaned up" so to speak -- abandoned cars to be towed, trash to be burned, and people to shift etc), and will be shifting management soon as August...

We hope!

Pepe just brought word that Mama Laos' lunchwagon, "Bamboos" which had a short time in operation several months from December to a few months ago, was now back at the farm parked.

May this site continue to seed for the Ohana who work this land.


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