April 30, 2010

'Uta land

The farming land on 'Uiha lies on the eastern ("liku") side of the island. It is rich soil that has sustained the 'Uiha people for 3,000 years.  Vaiokema's land is named te'e feo, which means "fishy smell", however, I detected no fishy smell when we went, but undoubtedly there is a story behind that name, perhaps shrouded from memory!

Salesi and Pops set out to clear and farm the 4 acre tract. In the back there are five or six clumps of large bamboo.

So far, they've planted manioke (tapioca), kumala (sweet potato) and talo...there are (growing "wildly", or rather remnants from previous farmers like Vaiokema and others) foods such as pata (similar to banana), banana, lesi (papaya) and mangoes, plus a bunch of other stuff that I can't remember right now.

This is a photo journey: 

You enter the gates to 'uta and you walk a couple miles to get to te'e feo, where new crops have been planted...
Walk to the back of te'e feo, and you cross a bamboo forest, and then reach the liku coast and the sea:

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